ICT literacy


I have finished the course of JavaScript in Codecademy.

Codecademy Codecademy

Dribbble account

I have a dribbble account where I show my work to the rest of the world. You can see my work here.



I've participated in a hackathon. I had to make a site and ann app for making your life easier


Life-long learning

Smart city Antwerp

Together with Yannis Wellemans, I did a bicycle tour through Antwerp to see the smart solutions they already used in the city. We saw a few things that we maybe could use for our own product lab.

MNM smart cities

Site uncle

I have made a site for my uncle. Therefore I had to do research and I had to learn to work with Wordpress. I had a lot of help from youtube tutorials...

Website uncle Website uncle


With the hackathon I've learned some new skills and I've worked with programs I had never used before like Adobe XD.


Social & cultural skills

Dribble meetup

I have participated with Yannis Wellemans & Ian de Lantsheer to a dribbble event in Gent. I've met new people and got a dribbble invite so I can post my work.

Dribbble meetup Dribbble meetup

Bicycle ride with other people

As mentioned earlier, I've done a bicycle ride trough Antwerp. I've met some new people and with did some talking.


At the hackathon I've met new people. We got to learn each other a little bit better.

Hackathon Hackathon


Design VZW

Yannis Wellemans and I made a new design for dierenasiel Ninove. We sent an email with a new design of the site.

Design VZW Design VZW

Internship Iside

I did an internship at Iside last year. A part of it was making a website for Trailer Trading. I got a design and I had to transform it in code. Unfortunately the site is still not updated.

Trailer trading Email


We worked together at the hackathon, we all had a part in the app we made. Everyone had his job and in the end we put everything together and used the best parts.



Logo Dakwerken Ophals Dirk

Not only I had to make a site for my uncle, but I also made a new logo for him.

Logo dakwerken

Beer mat Carnaval Halle

I've participated to a contest from Carnaval Halle. I've made a beer mat against urinating in public.

Beer mat Beer mat


We had to use our creative skills. We designed a new app and made a website for it.


Critical thinking


Last year for completing my schoolyear I had to make a Gip. I had a couple of problems with the animations, but with hard work and perseverance I found the solutions for my problems.

WordPress problems

With developping the website of Bloemen Esmeralda I had to stuggle with a couple of problems. I couldn't adjust some settings on the site. I contacted the webmaster to get some intel. After that I was able to proceed with developping.

Email Email


We thought hard to find a way how we could make life easier and to find a way for our problems. Every detail we studied hard to make the best of our project.



Internship Iside

At my internship at Iside I had to search for issues in the website of True. I had to list them up and communicate them to the boss so he could solve them.

Bloemen Esmeralda

I made a website for Bloemen Esmeralda. I've sent multiple mails to ask wich website she preferred.

Email Email


We told each other what we did and we showed our work. We told everyone how he could make it better.